has been discontinued

Reason was the best personal project I've built so far, I had so much fun with it and I've learnt so much, but it's also the reason why I ended up burned out 🔥 some months ago.

Sadly, I don't have the same motivation and time that I had some months ago, and that's why I decided to discontinue this project. It takes a lot of time to take care of all the infrastructure and the code that extracts the information. Everything would be much easier if Google would release some kind of API for us, for the developers.

It's sad because I love Stadia and the community is amazing ⭐️

Will come back some day?

It's possible! If I find time, motivation and Google releases an API, would definitely come back :)

Special thanks

I want to thank the whole community for receiving this project with such good vibes and give me the motivation to keep working on this project and everyone who supported via ko-fi!
I also want to thank Cim for all the support and work!