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Sunny Cloud Gaming

This Channel is all about everything Cloud Gaming related with the main focus being on Stadia and work our way down to GeForce Now, Luna, xCLoud and Shadow. If you're interested in Cloud Gaming check out the channel as well as all my other social media links.


The Nerf Report

Video Game News & Entertainment Company | PlayStation News | Stadia News | Xbox News | Luna News | Nintendo News


4Scarrs Gaming

I am the Gaming Editor on the Best Buy Canada Blog. I love playing games and having good old fashioned fun! Feel free to stop by any of my streams or leave a comment and let's chat about games. I stream a wide variety of games on Google Stadia. #Stadia100 #Stadia #GamingScarrmy. Don't have a Stadia account? No worries! It's free! Go to and sign up without the need for a credit card. Earn #ScarrBucks (reward points) by watching my streams. Earn 5 #ScarrBucks for every 5 minutes you are watching. You must be active every 30 minutes for points to continue to accumulate. Prizes are ​awarded at the end of each month to the top three #ScarrBucks earners! April's prizes: 1. $10 Google Play Gift Card 2. Disco Elysium for PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 3. Xbox indie game 6 pack In addition to liking, commenting and subscribing, you can show your support by buying me a coffee at


Stadia Fr

Actu, tests, streams et surtout du fun, le tout en lien avec la plateforme de cloud Gaming Google Stadia et animé par la communauté.



This channel is about video games! If you are a fan of gaming and you love "nerding out" about it, then you've come to the right place. We record the #1 Stadia podcast every Sunday right here live. In addition to Stadia we also discuss Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, GeForce Now, Luna and pretty much every aspect of the video game industry.


Cloud Gaming Xtreme

We love to cover every Cloud Gaming Platform with comparisons, reviews, gameplay videos and news updates as they happen so you can choose the right platform for you. We cover the following platforms regularly: Nvidia Geforce Now Xbox game Pass Cloud (Xcloud) Shadow PC Google Stadia Amazon Luna Maximum Settings Boosteroid Fire Power Cloud We also love to try new systems like VectorDash, Boosteroid and PlayNware and are always looking for new ones to test. Join us on Social as well for discussions outside of youtube: Twitch: Website: Discord:


State of Stadia [Deutsch]

State of Stadia ist euer deutschsprachiger 🇩🇪🇨🇭🇦🇹 YouTube-Kanal zum Cloud-Gaming 🕹️ @GoogleStadia, der das neue Spielestreaming von Google näher beleuchtet - #Stadia. Alle News, Angebote und Entwicklungen werden euch kurz und prägnant präsentiert. Falls noch nicht passiert, abonniert meinen Kanal oder schaut of meinen Social-Seiten vorbei: 👉 👉 👉 ❤️ Ihr wollt mich unterstützen? ... 🙏 Danke für Eure Unterstützung! 👍



Hi - Rokk here! Just like you I have a busy life with but love gaming, so I decided to create a YouTube channel dedicated to the solution: cloud gaming! I also make content for the Gaming Source Network, including Stadia Source and GeForce Now Source - your number one sources for cloud gaming news and views! I am also a member of the Stadia Bash Community Network SHOWS -- 1. ROKK'S BLOG BASH. The first dedicated show about Stadia's This Week On Stadia community blog. Each week Rokk is joined by members of the Stadia Bash Community Network. Tuesday 5pm GMT / 12pm EST / 9am PST. 2. ROKK 'N RAY. The dedicated Stadia magazine show. News, Reviews, Views with Ray - The Gaming Cyborg! Wednesday 8pm GMT / 3pm EST / 12pm PST. 6. IMPROMPTUS - news, specials and game streams across Google Stadia, GeForce Now, PS5, Xbox Series X, PSN and Xbox Game Streaming (Luna coming soon). I also make occasional guest appearances on other channels. Rokk Out!


Cloud Gaming Dad

Im a 43 year old dad who loves gaming as much as his family. All games streamed from Google Stadia with commentary from myself. You can also catch me via my social media via the links below If you fancy joining me on Stadia here is my Gamertag - CloudGamingDad#8472 New to Stadia sign up via this link and get 2 months free - Tip Cloud Gaming Dad - Twitter - My Discord - Cloud Gaming Dad Stream schedule Sunday 10pm GMT | RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 story stream Wednesday 10pm GMT | FAR CRY NEW DAWN PLAYTHROUGH Friday 10pm GMT | THE LATE LATE SHOW Streaming multiplayer fun with a few beers and the Stadia community


Stadia Estado

Un lugar donde seguir de cerca los avances de Stadia en español... NOTICIAS / NOVEDADES / CURIOSIDADES / RUMORES ... ¡SUBSCRÍBETE!


Lord Kensal of Stadia

Hi there, this is my main gaming channel, where I, Lord Kensal of Stadia, the Gamer Dad, have fun playing video games (mostly on the Stadia) and bring up to gaming-freak kids. Game on. Stadia Xbox One Gaming Dad Stadia Games my main tech and lifestyle channel is


Vernificus Games

Dad of 2 playing games on Google Stadia mostly using a Pixelbook Go and a Pixel 4 XL.


Virtual Cloud

Welcome to the Virtual Cloud! Here we discuss everything and anything Cloud Gaming and Virtual Reality related. I truly believe both these technologies will be at the forefront of video games in the future and that were at the very start of a huge shift. Both have the ability to revolutionize the way we play and interact in the medium of gaming. About Myself My name is Steven and I am no stranger to VR gaming or cloud gaming services. I was an owner and user of the OnLive micro console almost a decade ago and have used everything including Gaikai, Geforce Now, Shadow, and Playstation Now. Other than that I have been gaming since the Super Nintendo days and have kept up with every new piece of gaming technology including VR, I have been on board with virtual reality since the oculus dev kit 1 days and am super excited to see what lies ahead!



StadiaHoy - Noticias, actualidad y juegos de Stadia Descubre en StadiaHoy toda la actualidad, noticias y juegos de Stadia, el nuevo servicio de videojuegos en streaming de Google. Dirige el canal: Javi Camino (@CRITICOD20)


Raging Jacob

Welcome to RagingJacob! The Channel dedicated to growing the RageNation Community with variety of gaming videos ranging from our In-Depth analysis series to a more lighthearted weekly videogame news series. You'll also find some hilarious gaming montages and other entertaining videos where Jacob just goes ballistic. If this sounds like music to your earholes and you'd like to see Jacob suffer through the hard game modes then set that Subscribe button ablaze.



Ciao everyone! My name is Niccolò and I am half Italian and half Canadian. I am very passionate about videogames and a bunch of other stuff. In this channel I will be mainly streaming Stadia games, so join me if you like the idea and feel free to contact me and ask me stuff!


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